MSko (sko6502) wrote in bbn_chat,

an invitation:
are you a senior?
are you a science geek, at least a little bit?
do you need a few last-minute hours to complete your senior project?
will you have monday b-blocks free?
if you answered yes to these questions, you should join the sr project science group!

what it is: a group that will spend an hour or two reading the magazine "Science News" each week at then meet to discuss its contents

when it is: Monday B-block

why it is: because science is exciting!

where it is: i'unno. somewhere on campus.

who it is: so far, myself, becca heymann, and justine jaboin. mr bowman is our faculty dude.

how it is (going to be): awesome!

note: official credit is 3 hours
find me tomorrow if you're interested, or email me and i'll put the form in your box. its all completed, you'll just need to sign it!
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