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why was break moved back a week this year?
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because the school hates me
Well I guess that means we get one more week of senior project, ergo one less week of real school. Sounds good to me.
by back a week, i mean that we get one LESS week of project and got one more week of school. since ive been here weve never had break in april.
oh then never mind
i hear its always aligned with harvard's break
i dont know what this means but i know that it is the same amount of time this year between exams and break as it was last year....im not really sure how that works...but yea
You guys need to read the Vanguard...break is later because they didn't want Easter to be the last day of break because then people might have to travel that day.
i think it has to do with the fact that they added a week to the school calendar this year... we're in school for a week longer than usual.